First Nations Chiefs Health Committee


We are the ones who have to teach our children.                   

“Nuhni nuheskenp hádónílten dézq”

-Elder Agnes Alphonse

Love one another and help one another (Cree Proverb)


Many people today born into first nations’ families and communities feel that they are disenfranchised. They are not in touch with their culture and often feel a lack of adequate support in pursuing their interests. Here we seek to share information on the culture of our peoples and discuss ideas that will hopefully provide a means to bring about change in our lives and those of our loved ones.

As we honor our ancestors and the knowledge they passed down to us, let us also work together to build a better future for our families and communities that will see future generations proud and prospering.


First Nations Chiefs Health CommitteeThe First Nations Chiefs Health Committee (FNCHC) is a website aimed at providing first nations’ people with current and informative information that touch on their lives. The site was developed with four primary goals in sight.

  • to provide a platform though which first nations’ people could share in their knowledge
  • to encourage discussion on topics and issues that affect our people with a view to finding solutions
  • to share knowledge on the dietary, healing practices and medicines of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis
  • to raise the profile of professionals and experts who share their knowledge of the our cultures and how they can be beneficially applied to today’s lifestyles

We aim to ensure the content shared on this blog will add value to the lives of our readership and support their efforts in achieving a healthier lifestyle. In line with this, we also focus on content that seeks to ensure that our environment is preserved and that where possible natural solutions to various concerns are sought. We believe that by seeking these natural solutions, we will be able to better preserve our environment for future generations.

The bulk of our content comes from regular contributors already screened by the committee, but we do encourage other knowledgeable members of the community with something of interest to share to write to us with their ideas and we will get back to them. Our current selection of contributors number over 30 with professionals from various walks of life including health experts, entrepreneurs, journalists and teachers. By clicking on their profiles you can find contact details should you want to invite them to speak at events.

The website receives funding from generous donors in the community and through selling of advertising space on the website. Any surplus funds are forwarded to the Aboriginal Family Trust to help families in need. Besides adding to our written content, you can also contribute by giving us cash donation via our donate tab.

We are soon in the process of setting up a job section where those with vacancies can freely advertise and find qualified candidates for these opportunities. We will be offering this space for both paying and volunteer vacancy positions.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the views expressed in articles and discussion threads are personal and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the First Nations Chiefs Health Committee.